Clear Correct

A.K.A. Clear Aligners

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We understand that personal preferences and aesthetics play an important role in the decision between traditional and clear aligners.

Our practice would be doing you a disservice if we did not lay out both sides:



  • Secure Movement of Teeth
  • Customizable
    • Clear or Metal Brackets
    • Colored Rubber Bands


  • Hard To Clean
  • Not An Easy Transition
  • Will Need To Be Realigned (based on treatment plan)
  • Possible Tooth Staining (based on personal oral hygiene)

Clear Aligners


  • Affordable
  • Quicker
  • Removable For Eating
  • No Metal or Wires
  • No Staining


  • Not As Secure As Traditional Braces
  • Not An Easy Transition
  • Not Effective to: Eat, Chew, Talk