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What to Expect at Your First Dental Visit

If you are looking for a North Lafayette, Louisiana dentist you will be happy to learn that Hebert Family Dentistry can meet the dental needs of your entire family. Our full-service family dentistry service is ready to serve you. We’ve put together information about the most common questions new patients have about initial appointments for dentistry in North Lafayette. Here is what you can expect from your first dental visit.

Before the Dental Appointment

Your initial visit will give you and your dental team a chance to get to know each other, but there is some routine information you need to provide first.

  • Medical and Dental History

Your dentist will need medical and dental history from you in order to keep you safe and healthy. You will be asked to fill out a simple form providing the information the dentist needs to serve you safely. This includes a complete list of medications, including herbal supplements as well as over the counter medications. It is very important that you fill out the medication list completely as some medications can interact with anesthesia or other procedures. Likewise, it is important to list all health conditions, even if you think they are minor or unimportant. Your dentist is trained to assess your health history and recognize potential problems before an issue arises.

  • Insurance Policies

If you have dental insurance, now is the time to fill out the paperwork, so the insurance company can be billed. We will file your benefit assistance info for you and will provide you with an estimate of the cost for your visit.

  • Other Payment Options

If you do not have dental insurance, other payment options may be available.

The Dental Appointment

Getting to Know You

Your dentist will spend time talking to you about your dental care needs. This is the time to discuss any special concerns you may have about your dental care visit. Likewise, if you suffer from a dental phobia or experience anxiety during dental care appointments, now is the time to talk about sedation dentistry to alleviate anxiety and make the whole process relaxing and painless.

You don’t need to be embarrassed by your fears. We understand that visiting the dentist can be stressful, especially a first visit. Many patients benefit from the relaxation and comfort sedation dentistry provides.

The Dental Health Exam

If you are a new patient it is important that your dentist does a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth to determine if there are any issues that require corrective measures before you begin your regular dental hygiene appointments. Here’s what to expect:

  • Visual inspection of your mouth and teeth.
  • Physical examination of your jaw, neck, mouth, tongue, teeth and gums. This exam screens for oral cancer and any other potential health issues.
  • X-rays to determine the condition of your teeth and gums. This provides your dentist with valuable information for working with you and maintaining your oral health.
  • Reading of the x-rays. The dentist will read the x-rays during your visit to determine the condition and placement of your teeth.
  • Discussion of your general dental health and any issues that may need treatment.
  • Light Cleaning and/or Polishing: This depends on any issues that have been identified and any corrective measures that may need to be done before beginning routine cleanings. Sometimes cleaning may need to be delayed until corrective measures are completed, or due to a lack of available time.

Making Your Next Appointment

After the initial dental examination, your dentist will recommend follow-up appointments, such as cleanings. You may be asked to set the next appointment or to commit to a series of appointments and given reminder cards to keep you on track.

Regardless of your current oral condition, finding a family dentist now and beginning routine care will help you keep your teeth healthy and make you feel great, too. 

Contact us today to arrange for dental services for yourself or your entire family. Our professional and affordable services include a wide range from oral hygiene appointments for cleanings to clear correct or clear aligners to keep your smile looking its best.