Pros and Cons Would Veneers Benefit You?

Veneers are small shields that fit on the fronts of your natural teeth. You receive one per tooth, and they serve the purpose of improving the appearance of your teeth. While they can be a cost-efficient, yet aesthetically pleasing solution for tooth correction, especially when compared to other options, they’re not for everyone.

At Hebert Family Dentistry, we have some pros and cons advice to help you decide if dentist veneers could benefit you.

You Have Cracks or Chips

Whether you open something with your teeth, bite down on an ice cube, take a ball to the face while playing a sport, or grind your teeth, among other issues, you could crack or chip your teeth. The damage to your tooth might not be severe enough to need a cap. You may be able to leave the tooth damage alone and get a veneer.

You Have Small Gaps in Between Your Teeth

You may benefit from veneers if you have small gaps between your teeth. While you could receive braces, this option is more expensive and time-consuming. When you opt for veneers, it’ll cover those small gaps immediately.

You Have Slightly Crooked Teeth

Typically, braces are the correction method for crooked teeth. But, when you only have mildly crooked teeth, that process can be more of an inconvenience and a needless expense you may not want. However, through veneers, our dentist can make your smile appear straight.

You Have Misshapen or Poorly Sized Teeth

If you have a tooth that’s misshapen or one that’s not the same size as the rest, we can use veneers to make sure each one of your teeth has a beautiful shape and uniform size.

You Have Discoloration

Discoloration can be treated with a whitening agent, bonding, or caps. Whitening agents have their limitations. Bonding isn’t known to last as long as veneers, and crowns require more preparation for your natural tooth than veneers. Not to mention, if you only have a few discolored teeth, a whitening agent might not be the ideal solution, and certain staining and severe straining might not respond to whitening agents.

You Have Good Overall Oral Health

Veneers are mainly for people with good overall oral health. Before you receive veneers, our dentist will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and look for tooth decay or gum disease. You may receive an X-ray so our practitioner can evaluate the internal structure of your teeth to ensure they’re healthy enough for veneers.

You Want a Long-Lasting Solution

Depending on the material, you may benefit from veneers for 15 years without needing a replacement. Some people experience even longer results. With other options, you may need another treatment within a few years.

You Want a Reason to Smile

If you’ve spent some time hiding your teeth because you’re embarrassed by their imperfections, you may benefit from veneers. In some cases, you may have a total tooth transformation and receive a reason to smile more without hiding behind your lips.

You Want a Confidence Boost

Flaws within your smile can weigh heavy on your self-esteem. This is especially the case when you consider that your smile is the first feature a person may notice about you. Through veneers, you can receive a confidence boost.

You Want a Natural Look

Veneers, particularly porcelain ones, look very natural, and people won’t know you had any work done on your teeth. For instance, they reflect light similar to your natural teeth, and our practitioner can make their color match your natural teeth.

At Hebert Family Dentistry, one of the treatments we offer for spacing issues, tooth discoloration, sizing problems, etc. is veneers. They come with their share of benefits, though they’re not for everyone. Contact us to learn if these are right for you.